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  www.StylishPortal.com is one of the websites on which Horizon Portals, Denmark, sells its own and other branded products and publishes its unique content. We sell men's clothing and accessories like caps and hats, as well as home and office items. Some of the products are from small family manufacturers like Premium Xpression, others come from big brands such as SHEIN and Emporio Armani.
 *We are excited to announce that one heck of elegant and stylish shoes made by the USA hand made manufacturer Paul Parkman will be coming in store on April 2019. Subscribe to our newsletter below and follow us on Facebook to get notified what shoes and when.
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   Horizon Portals is a company based in Roskilde, Denmark and owned by me - Petar Keratsinov, established in the year 2015 when I was 21 and a student. Now I am a full-time entrepreneur and excited at every new business opportunity I encounter. Seeing visitors enjoy their time and customers happy with their purchase makes me happy and enjoy every hour of my work.



  Every business is driven and empowered by the people - You. That is why You are on our About us page because the one without the other - cannot exist. We strive to be less distant from one another, to hear each other clearly and easily - we have achieved this by using messenger on Facebook.



Visit our Facebook page and message us any question you have or send an email to support@horizonportals.com

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