Emporio Armani "Paris" Blue T-Shirt

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 Coming from the fashion trendsetter Emporio Armani is this blue gem. 
 The well known Armani line eagle logo is right there for everyone to see and admire. The PAR is a reference to the brand's influence in Paris, France. 
 A garment for today's man - wear it with other dark clothing to make the eagle stand out.

Awesome cap that goes along great with this T-Shirt:
PX Black Flat Brim Cap
 High: 181cm 
 Wearing product size: M

Made of

  • 100% cotton
 You can't go wrong with soft and fluffy cotton garments. 
Product code 
How to take care of me 
 Wash at 30°C and hang dry. Read care label on the product for more info.


About the brand 
 Launched in 1981, the newest line Emporio Armani is revolutionary and comprehensive. A star shining brightly in the fashion industry. Appealing to everyone who follows the progress of fashion and its latest trends.