SHEIN ERDL Camo T-Shirt With Orange Sleeves Stripe

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 Cool ass camo t-shirt for cool ass people😎.
Combine it with some black or gray pants, or other camo clothing and your look for the day is done.
A great camo T-Shirt for warm days. It is soft, it is stretchable and has a regular fit.
The camo name ERDL comes from where it was originally designed - The US Army "Engineer Research and Development Laboratory".

Made of
  • Blended cotton (95% cotton and 5% Spandex)
 Spandex is added to give it more elasticity and also because blended cotton needs far less attention and care compared to pure cotton garments.
Product code 
How to take care of me 

 You can wash as you normally do. To extend the life of the clothing and camo colors for years to come - you can hand wash and hang dry. Extended info on how to take care you can see on product care label.

About the brand
 What started as a small venture in 2008 developed immensely to what has become today. SHEIN is catering on-trend styles to teens and youngsters and prides itself on being dedicated to quality, value, and service.